Thanks for stopping by. Sadly we've had to close this store. But if you'd like to still give to/help the Rose family, please follow the link just below, and click on the 'DONATE' button in the upper right. After following the steps, your money is immediately at work, and directly in the Roses account.



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Hi. My Name is Ian. I found out about the Rose Family through a dear friend, Dave Berry. As some of you know, dear baby Noa, who is only days old, is fighting for her life. Noa was born with CDH, and was life flighted from Spokane, Wa to Portland, Or to immediately begin treatments. I was so moved by their story I had to help.

The Rose family needs your help and generosity. Noa is currently on Life Support and the costs are enormous. I wanted to give everyone a place where they could not only give, but receive. That’s where the shirts come in. We want you to buy the shirts as reminders to both Pray and Support Baby Noa and the Rose Family. Wearing these shirts will help spread the word and raise awareness about their situation, and hopefully draw more attention to the need. All proceeds from these shirts will directly bless the Rose Family and help cover their massive emergency bills, lifeflight, and future treatments.

Wear these shirts to work, to school, to church. The Roses need your help.

So we need to give. How much? Give the amount you hope someone would give you if you were in this situation. Not only can you buy a shirt, but we’re also providing a platform for you to give above and beyond the price of a shirt/hoodie, and you will see that in each drop down menu.

We also need your help spreading the word, whether that be facebook, twitter, email, or your blog; we need to get the word out for baby Noa.

Please, let’s rally around the Rose family in Prayer & Support, may these shirts and this little girl be apart of something excellent the Lord is orchestrating.

All Orders are Final and will begin shipping on the Nov 17th. Orders will only be open for a limited time (TBD).

In Him,

-Ian Bolyard